SUGAR – Is It The New Enemy

Learn If Sugar is Truly a Treat to Your Health!

Its a well known fact that administrations everywhere throughout the world are beginning to take action against sugar. They are passing charges on sugary beverages and bites, prohibiting them from schools, and greater treatment programs are getting open to individuals who accept they are dependent on sugar. However, what is reality?


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Is sugar the new foe? The Different Types of Sugar. Coca leaves were utilized for quite a long time in their common state to bite on or to make tea. This was typical and there were no issues. In any case, at that point they were profoundly handled and transformed into a hazardous and addictive medication known as cocaine.

The blameless poppy blossom endured a similar destiny. Once in the past a protected and compelling tea, frequently utilized for unwinding and torment, it got super-handled and turned into an incredible, hazardous and addictive sedative.

Sugar first begins as sugar stick – a sound stalking plant. Utilized in its common structure you can’t expend enough to make you debilitated. In any case, super-thought and prepared it becomes like a medication. Indeed, with guinea pigs, sugar beat cocaine as the medication of decision.

It’s imperative to realize that there are different sorts of sugar, some characteristic and some prepared – to the point that regardless of whether they began regular, they are never again common.

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