Personal Blogging

Would You be able to Blog If Your Financial Future Depended On It? Would you be able to Compete In A World of Blog Marketing? Figure out How To Set Up Your Own Personal or Marketing Blog Little or No Technical Knowledge Required!

Exhibiting, A Step-By-Step Video Tutorial To Guide You Into The World of Blogging – If You Are An Aspiring Author, Increase Your Chances Of Getting Noticed – If You Are Running A Business, Learn How To Project Your Skills And Be Seen As Better Than Your Competitors!

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In this Personal Blogging video arrangement, you will figure out how to set up your very own Blog and some marking systems which will advance your work, usually called “VIP Blogging”:

* Video #1: How To Get Started with Blogging and What You Need Beforehand (4 minutes and 46 seconds)

* Video #2: Creative Ways to Find a Catchy Domain Name (3 minutes and 43 seconds)

* Video #3: How to Find Cheap and Quality Web Hosting (10 minutes and 27 seconds)

* Video #4: How to Setup WordPress on cPanel’s Fantastico Platform (3 minutes and 46 seconds)

* Video #5: How to Setup WordPress Manually on Any Site inside 5 Minutes (12 minutes and 19 seconds)

* Video #6: Where to Find WordPress Themes and How to Install Them (8 minutes and 45 seconds)

* Video #7: Where to Find WordPress Plugins and How to Install them (3 minutes and 15 seconds)

* Video #8: How to Customize your WordPress Themes (6 minutes and 45 seconds)

* Video #9: Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Blog to Make you Stand Out and Drive Traffic (7 minutes and 21 seconds)

* Video #10: Top SEO Plugins to Optimize Your Blog (5 minutes and 16 seconds)

* Video #11: How to Write Blog Posts Wisely (9 minutes and 3 seconds)

* Video #12: Building other Blog Pages for Branding Purposes (5 minutes and 47 seconds)
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