Graphic Design Masterclass!

At long last! A ‘Fun And Easy’ Way To Boost Your Product Image Without The NEED To Hire Graphic Designers! So You Too Can Catapult Your Subscriber Rate And Sales Conversions By As Much As 300%!

In the Graphic Design Masterclass video arrangement, you will figure out how to structure straightforward yet expert looking minisites, and virtual spreads utilizing Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia, and GIMP (free device) regardless of whether you aren’t great at workmanship creation!

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Video Series 1 : Adobe Photoshop For Newbies (8-Part Video Course)

* Video #1: Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use (9 minutes and 38 seconds)

Adobe Photoshop can be a mind boggling device simply because you can accomplish such a great deal with it, anyway for in this video arrangement, we’re going to keep it as straightforward as would be prudent. Actually, in this video you’ll see a diagram of the few devices and Adobe Photoshop highlights we will utilize. When you see this video, you’ll perceive how you can accomplish such a great deal with so few highlights, however you’ll figure out how to utilize them top to bottom later on recordings.

* Video #2: The Importance of Royalty Free Images and How to Find Them (7 minutes and 39 seconds)

When you make your very own minisites, you’ll have to approach proficient photography to make your structures look extraordinary for whatever topic. Indeed, in this video, you’ll become familiar with the significance of utilizing Royalty free pictures and how you can discover them to satisfy your needs.

* Video #3: How to Use the Adobe Lasso and Crop Tool (7 minutes and 35 seconds)

The Adobe Photoshop rope and yield apparatuses are the devices that you’ll use to remove individuals and articles from normal pictures and put into your minisite plans. I’m certain you’ve seen headers with individuals or articles in them right? We’ll that is the place the rope apparatus and harvest instruments become possibly the most important factor. So you’ll realize what they can accomplish for you, yet in particular how to utilize them accurately.

* Video #4: How to Work with Layers to Make Art Creation Easier (5 minutes and 40 seconds)

Layers are the huge mystery to making photographs spring up. In Photoshop you can take a few photographs and consolidate them to make it would appear that it’s one picture. Simultaneously, layers will make your life as a minisite designer so a lot simpler, you’ll spare loads of time. In this video, you’ll figure out how to utilize layers furthering your potential benefit.

* Video #5: How to Understand the Art of Balancing Your Designs (7 minutes and 59 seconds)

Do you took a gander at an image and saying to yourself, pleasant picture, it’s looks right. Or on the other hand perhaps you figured, “that image doesn’t look right”. We’ll this is when adjusting your plans becomes possibly the most important factor. On the off chance that you figure out how to adjust your headers, footers, ecovers, and all the more accurately you’ll figure out how to make your minisites look right when individuals take a gander at them.

* Video #6: How to Create a Minisite Header (11 minutes and 14 seconds)

Here’s the fun part. You were indicated recordings 1-5 for an explanation, that is, to enable you to comprehend the essential thing ideas before you began making the genuine structures. The best part, is that you can take recordings 1-5 and apply them to different things other than just minisites! So all things considered in this video, you’ll figure out how to make an expert minisite header utilizing the apparatuses Adobe Photoshop and what you realized before.

* Video #7: How to Create a Minisite E-Book, DVD, E-spread (9 minutes and 47 seconds)

Similarly as it says, you’ll figure out how to take the header you planned in the past video and make a digital book or dvd ecover. Creating the header initially enables you to see how to effortlessly move the structures to the ecover and parity it out.

Video Series 2 : Create Your Own eCover Graphics! (8-Part Video Series)

* Video #1: Getting Started Creating Your eCover From Scratch.

* Video #2: Creating The Front Image For Your eCover.

* Video #3: Creating The Front Of Your eCover Part II.

* Video #4: Creating The Side Graphics For Your eCover.

* Video #5: Making The Disk Image For Your eCover.

* Video #6: Making The eCover Box And Disk Image.

* Video #7: Making The eCover Box And Disk Image Part II

* Video #8: Using eCover Software And It’s Functions

Video Series 3 : How To Create Web 2.0 Graphics Using Gimp! (7-Part Video Course)

* Video #1: How to Download and Install GIMP

GIMP represents GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is an unreservedly conveyed bit of programming that resembles a downsized adaptation of Adobe Photoshop, yet obviously it’s anything but difficult to utilize. You’ll be demonstrated where to download GIMP and how to introduce it.

* Video #2: Understanding GIMP’s Features and Tools

Much the same as any product, knowing and understanding the highlights you will use later on recordings is an absolute necessity, so you spare time attempting to make sense of them later.

* Video #3: How to Make A Web 2.0 Shiny Buttons Using GIMP

It’s the new pattern of illustrations, designs that spring up. All in all, every marvel how individuals make those glossy catches that wake up? We’ll you’ll realize only that in this video.

* Video #4: How to Create Image Reflections and Shadows Using GIMP

Have you seen how organizations make ecovers and screen captures and they have cool reflections and shadows that make them seem as though you’re gazing at the genuine article? In this video, you’ll figure out the fact that it is so natural to really snap any photo and make a reflection and shadow with this free device, GIMP.

* Video #5: How to Create a Shiny Badge Using GIMP

You’ve seen those sparkly identifications individuals use on their business pages that declare extraordinary deals. Making identifications in GIMP is exceptionally direct. You’ll figure out how to control the shapes GIMP offers you to make an expert sparkling looking identification so you can begin adding them to your business pages like the experts.

* Video #6: How to Create a Web 2.0 Text Logo with a Reflection Using GIMP

At this point, you’ve most likely understood that when individuals state Web 2.0 illustrations, what they mean is new style or new look designs are being given. All things considered, long some time in the past, content logos looked flat and typically were made up one simply one shading, no inclinations and no sparkling look. In this video, you’ll figure out how to give your content logos a cool glossy inclination look, just as a reflection. This is something numerous originators make these days.

* Video #7: How to Create a Cool Web 2.0 Striped Style Header Using GIMP

Don’t have a clue how to draw and don’t have a feeling of innovativeness? Try not to stress, we’ll take all that you’ve adapted up until now and make an eye appealing Web 2.0 header that has stripes. You can utilize these headers on the highest point of your business pages, or even some other greeting pages.
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