From Flab To Fab

Wanting to Lose Weight and Wear That Dress You Love? Step by step instructions to Go From Being Flabby To Fabulous Without Starving Yourself Or Becoming a Gym Rat!

Getting more fit is a mind game. On the off chance that you alter your perspective, you’ll change your body. It’s inescapable. When we state “alter your perspective”, it doesn’t mean altering your perspective from eating treats to eating cake.

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What this report discussing here is the attitude behind all weight reduction. It doesn’t make a difference what your age or sex is… the standards are the equivalent. To begin with, you have to quit loathing your body. Too numerous ladies have negative pictures of themselves. They feel that they’re fat and monstrous while the various ladies are better.

You may have pined for the ‘thigh hole’ yet can’t discover garments your size at The Gap.

The following are the parts that you will investigate:

Part 1 – The Struggle Is Real

Part 2 – Planning and Tracking Your Progress

Part 3 – Mastering Hunger and Conquering Emotional Overeating

Part 4 – Do You Need To Diet?

Part 5 – Whole Foods and Wrong Foods

Part 6 – Water Not Wine

Part 7 – The Power of Protein

Part 8 – Sleep Your Way To Weight Loss

Part 9 – Finding the Time

Part 10 – Structuring Your Workouts

Part 11 – Putting the Fun In It

Part 12 – Dealing with Slip Ups

Part 13 – Taking Time to Smell the Roses

Part 14 – Getting There and Staying There
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