Bookshelf (PLR Books for Small Business)

The Small Business Resource Center is almost complete the date of November 26, 2019 is the expected launch date. We have been getting great feedback from business owners that are interested in getting a subscription. For the launch we will be offering special deals on the cost of the services. We decide to cut the price for our service by more than 50% of what small businesses that we asked said they would pay for it. We aren’t sure when but we will expect to increase the prices any subscription will get locked in the pricing, we won’t increase the price when you start the service if there is no brake in service and we will give you all the updates. We also plan for the future not to allow people to keep all the products we may make them all subscription based so if you do quit you would lose your access to the products.

The goal tracker is in development and we expect by spring 2020 or earlier it will be completed.

If you have any questions, just let us know.

We are here to help you and save you money with your business, sales, marketing, personal development, and home life.
Pete Gustis, with the Small Business Development Center

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